‘Nature Morte’ is an immersive, site responsive video installation by Shae Rooke and Jess Dubblu with sound design by Garth Sheridan.

When a local Footscray business was in the process of building they found some bones….

Large bones and horse shoes, broken scales and a newspaper from 1988 hidden under some floor boards. These items have been collected and dreamed upon, reflecting the histories and homes of the local area through the stories embedded within these objects.

‘Nature Morte’ is an immersive video installation of objects found, excavated and inspired by the local area and the site where the artwork will be projected. Drawing on ways of travelling and recording time such as 80’s time travel films and and 17th Century Vanitas paintings, ’Nature Morte’ is a morphing, living, cabinet of curiosity.

Presented as a part of West Projections 2019.